Use the right method to win your
Soccer Betting
There are many school of thought on how Soccer Tips are derived from. When a tipster or expert handicapper
decide on delivering or post predictions on their website, there must be a series of deciding factors to follow.

Before you use their free tips or purchase tips from any website, you need to understand what techniques being
used by the tipster or expert handicapper to deliver their predictions.
What type of  Soccer Tips can you find?

1. Forum Amateur Tipster:

Forum tipsters are punters like you and most of them join betting competition available from the forum's website
trying to win prizes provided by website sponsors such as Bookmakers companies.

Soccer forums provide platform for members to post their opinions on which teams to bet on and eventually
anyone who posts his/her hunches or thought would eventually becomes a tipster.

2. Tipsters you can find from many websites that offer free or paid tips service.

(i) Tipsters that provide free tips:

Why do they go through all the trouble of setting up a website and provide Free Service to their members or

Look at their website banners, they are doing advertising business for Bookmakers Company and Some provide
sponsored links to other Tipsters to earn monthly advertisement fees. Believe me, if you click on their
Bookmakers banners and become a members of a bookmaking firm, they would earn a big chunk of commission
from the amount you wager.

(ii) Tipsters that sell Soccer Tips:

There are so many Tipsters available on the internet. You can find a full list when you do a search online but be
very careful as there are many scams out there.

3. Insider Soccer Tips or Fixed Soccer Tips.

Any paid service provider claim they have insider information or fixed tips, they are 100% scam site.


If you have real insider information on fixed match, will you published online? Will the real fixer (if any) of the
match allow the information to leak out to the public? Wouldn't you rather place your banker's bet than trying to
sell to anyone?

Simplest way to verify their Insider or Fixed Tips:

Ask them for a Print Screen Copy of their bet. If they have the Insider/Fixed Tips as they claimed, they should at
least bet 6 figures for the information they are selling.

Which Tipster or Expert handicapper to avoid?

Totally avoid tipster who tell you that they decide their predicitons using the combination of the

1.  Team Form
They look at the recent team form for both teams. Checking on the opposition and what was the situation of the
opposition at the time of the game. By reading the recent match reports to see if one of the two teams was
unlucky because of opposition goalkeeper having a great day etc.

2. Home and Away Records
Most punters check for home and away statistics. Some teams play better at home ground, some play better
away. Some also check if the game is a local derby and if teams share the stadium.

3. Head to Head
Most punters check the history between the two clubs. The home and away history is important. They believe
how the history repeats in some games year after year.

4. Team news
They always  check for injuries and suspensions. Which players are missing and how important are they. If there
are injuries check if it is long-time injuries or new injuries since the last game etc. How good are the players who
will be in the starting lineup instead.

5. Motivation
Most punters are mislead and believe that motivation is very important, especially when the season end is near.
They will ask if the team needs points. Is the team playing European football and maybe will rest players. Is the
team interested in the domestic cup.

6. Schedule
Most punters check the team schedule. How many games have they played in recent days. Could they be tired.
When are they playing again. Is the next game very important to the team.

The above technique are used by 90% of the punters to decide on their soccer bet. The results?
Sometimes you win, sometimes you loss but you loss most of the time!

Never Use, Apply or Follow the above technique!

Why? Bookmakers are far ahead of you in the above situations when they determine the odds.

What technique should you use or which Tipsters is good?

Tipster or expert Asian handicapper who are able to calculate the actual Asian Handicap between 2 teams and
read the opening odds and study the odds movements before they decide should be reliable.

Why? Visit our Home Page at  or read our
FAQ to see why you need to calculate the
Asian handicap and study the odds movements in order win.

If you wish to buy Soccer Tips from a tipster, you also need to know what type of Guaranteed Tips is available?
Do they issue a full refund? Do not use tipster who replace you with another 2 tips for next matches. What is the
good of having another 2 free tips if you have loss your bet? Find Tipster who can promise to issue you a refund
if they fail.
Guaranteed Soccer Tips with Full Refund +
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Why you should never use Free Soccer Tips website?  Visitors are giving them
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They are affiliates to the online bookies. They will earn up to 50% commission of your losses
for life!

When you visit their website and click on any Bookmakers button, you are automatically become a customer
referred by them anytime you join that Bookmakers in future. The moment you click on any Bookmakers button
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Visit any major bookmakers website for e.g. Bet 365, Mansion 88 and click on the Affiliates link to see how much
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