If you're from South East Asia, I believe many of you might have heard about the story of the amazing 3 young
graduates soccer punters.

In the month between July and August 2008.  The Elite English Premier League, Spain Primera, Italian Serie A,
German Bundesliga came to rest until a new season begin in late August and early september. Other minor European
minor league such as sweden Allsvenskan, Norway Tippeligaen, Finland Veikkausliga,  Ireland Eircom Premier and
other leagues season including Japan League and Brazilian League were just underway.

Although the minor leagues are not branded as 'Elite' as the major league soccer competition, the high wagering stake
transacted for Asian Bookmakers are many times more than that of European Bookmakers.

Three young punters age between 24-26 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia whacked the Asian based underground
bookies more than $3 million in just 2 months.

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Neither they placed their bet for the full 90 minutes  nor they placed their bet for the first half. They only placed their
bet when the match is 20 to 15 minutes or less to final whistle. The betting method otherwise known as 'live betting',
'running ball' or 'bola jalan' in Asia.

All their bets were wagered on underdogs. Despite the fact that the pay out price can be as low as 1.35, that is if you
bet $1, you would yield $1.35 with a profit of $0.35. The amount they wager is usually $20,000 per match and give
them a profit of $7,000. Although this method significantly reduce the price for winning, the time factor has increased
all their confident bets to a much higher percentage.

The theory behind this type of 'live in-play betting' is they eliminate the chances of match manipulation on the part of
Asian Underground Bookies, this is because the live betting odds are set by the major license bookmakers, there will
not be enough time for the underground bookies to react to hot money locally, and further, their betting amount is not
significant enough for the licensed bookies to revised their system of presenting the odds for 'live betting'.

How do the underground bookies work in Asia?

All underground bookies in Asia are using certain website such as SBxBET, IBXBet, CxOWN and some other
Sportsbook website from Macau as a platform to operate their business. For example, they deposit $2 million with
these license bookmakers, they will have the right to access and utilise the sporting website to run their business.
Each of these Asian underground bookies have their own runners and customers network. They will have at least 80%
share of their own market while the licensed bookmakers will have 20% shares of the underground bookies market.

Because the underground bookies hold 80% shares, which makes them the majority shareholders of their local
market. So after 3 young men won a substantial amount of money, the only way the underground bookies can do is to
ban the 3 punters in order to cut lost in a long run. But the 3 punters are smart, the moment they are banned from one
bookies, they move to another even to the extent of crossing town to open a new account with another underground
bookies. The words spread amongst the underground bookies because of the way the 3 smart punters bet and win  
i.e. They never wager on a full 90 minutes match, all their betting are 'live betting'. Although they are banned from the
underground bookies, there are ways that they can go about by proxy accounts and reduced their bet amount in each

The 3 smart punters are my students. They are
creative and genius. They refine and streamline on what I've
taught them on how to
Crack The Bookies Odds. They have increased the winning percentage to 95% by only placing
their bets with less than 20 minutes before the final whistle.
If you do soccer betting, and you're very confident of your own pick, or the soccer tips that you find
useful. one way to increase your chance of winning is do 'Live In-Play Betting' or otherwise known as
'Running Ball' or Bola Jalan' in South East Asia. Although the price is much less than the price you would
get for betting full time 90 minutes, You could increase your chance of winning tremendously if you know
how to read the odds set by the bookmakers..
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