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Today's Russian Division 1:

Date: 9-7-09 9pm GMT+8

Nosta -1/2 vs Baltika

The opening odds with +1/2 for Baltika price set at 1.89 and the price drop to 1.73 and asian
handicap odds now drop to +1/4. Looks as if market is backing heavily on the away Baltika. This is
not a high profile fixture and the market  fluctuation definitely not caused by heavy backing on the
underdog Baltika. The price for Baltika +1/4 is offer by 10Bets and other European bookmakers is
+1.77 and Bookmakers in asia such as sbobet and ibc still giving 1.87.

With the
odds cracked by using Bookmakers Code, 2007-2009 handicap Nosta -1/2 is an
appropriate handicap but for 2009 season is on the high side.

Nosta has shown significant drop in strength compare to last season. With the unusual odds
fluctuation not a result caused by the market. I can conclude that this is the Bookmakers
adjustment to back the away underdog Baltika +1/4

Selection : Baltika +1/4
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Today's Norwigean Cup fixture :

Date: 10-7-09 1am GMT+8

Odd Grenland -1/2 vs Fredrikstadt

The opening odds on 7th July 09 saw Odd Grenland -1/2 with the pay out rate of 1.88 and and
slowly crawl to 1.80 today with few transactions and the bookmakers decided to increase the
handicap to -3/4 with the price of 2.03 and the price consistently go down to 1.87 for now.

This is not a high profile fixture and we can see from Betfair the matched amount only $51,000 USD.

The odds has increased from -1/2 to -3/4 and although the pay out price has changed significantly, I
don't see much money throwing into this match from the market.

Although Odd Grenland is a promoted team from the second division, the opening handicap at -1/2
seems a bit too low according to the
odds cracked by Bookmakers Code and now climb to a
more acceptable -3/4 with the fact that Fredrikstadt rank #2 last season.

Because I don't see much money throw in this market that caused the handicap increased from -1/2
to -3/4 as well as the significant changed in price, I can conclude that the odds changed are
manipulated by the bookmakers. This is also a sign showing that the bookmakers are backing Odd
Grenland to win this match.

My selection is: Odd Grenland -3/4