Frequently Ask Question:
If you are seeking help from a Professional Tipster or Tipping
Service, the very first question you should ask is:

What technique do you use to come up with your Soccer Picks or Predictions?


If a professional Tipster cannot tell you how he decide on his predictions, do not waste your time
because he is like you and majority of the punters, base on feelings and luck!

Majority of the Tipsters use Team Forms, Head to Head, Home and Away Records, Team News,
Motivation and Match Schedule to decide. Please do yourself a favor, DO NOT use Tips from tipster who
tell you that they are using this technique to decide on the picks.

WHY? Because probably you are better off on your own and you may have better luck than them!
Read further on this topic by clicking this link
Soccer Tips.

We are using Bookmakers Code to decide our picks, Bookmakers Code is a powerful technique in Odds
Reading. By proper handicapping both teams for a given match against the opening odds offered by
the bookmakers, we are able to monitor the odds movements be it affected by the market force or
manipulation done by the bookmakers in price change or handicap change. We are able to predict the
outcomes accurately following the bookmakers predictions. This technique is cracking the bookmakers
odds and spot the bookies trap and beat the bookies by its own game.

FAQ 1: Do you have records for Weekly or Monthly Membership?

We rather focus on match analysis than to keep track of the records. Tipster or Tipping
Service keep talking about how good their records are is no good because they have nothing to talk
about except to impress visitors on how good their records can be. The real fact is, no one knows the
truth behind these records. However. we post our Tips Preview to all members and date recorded. You
can click on the Tips Preview links on our website to find out.

FAQ 2: Do you have someone or independent third party who can verify your Soccer Tips or

Anyone can set up more than 20 of the so called independent third party Tips verification
website over the weekend because web hosting is very cheap and most domain name is bundle with
free hosting nowadays. The point here is one can easily give fake verification to the visitors that his tips
is genuine, he can set up many websites to verify his own tips. You need to ask yourself again, what is
the webmaster of the tips verification website has to gain to verify someone else's tips? Why are they
bothering to set up website to do this? What is in it for them?

We can verify every single tips send to all our members. How? Very simple, we don't just deliver Tips,
we bet on every single Tips deliver to member. Deliver Soccer Tips is free but to bet on them is not free!
Our wager amount is 3-5k per bet and if there are more than 4 matches that kick off at the same time,
our bet amount is 2k each.

Once you are a member, you are eligible to request a print screen copy of our bets on Tips delivered to

We are serious, sincere and responsible in delivering Tips to our members because we bet on them. If
you win, we win too but if you loss, we probably loss more than you (except for Guaranteed Tips
members) do too and losing money to bookies is no fun!

FAQ 3: Do you offer any Free Trial?

Sorry! We don't offer free trial after first month since our website has been published. We
have a large membership base and members are increasing everyday from all over the world. We
simply do not have extra time to create another list for free trial.

Furthermore, Our weekly membership price is very affordable to all punters. You would have loss this
amount of money betting on your own by the time you request for a free trial.

FAQ 4: What is your success rate or Return of Investment or Yield?

The reason that you are visiting our website and reading this right now is because you've loss
a lot of money to your bookies. If you put aside all doubts and join us now, you will stop losing money to
your bookies and when you stop losing, winning become natural!

But, do not expect miracles overnight to recover your losses! We believe you must have lost a fortune
to your bookies depending on the length of time you've started soccer betting. Soccer betting is not an
overnight miracles and require patient and perseverance. We are not offering getting rich scheme here
but if you follow our advice, you will recover your losses one step at a time and eventually your losses
will recover and winning will become natural.

FAQ 5: What is a Requested Tips?

We have many Guaranteed Tips members requesting us for the matches that they wish to bet
under Guaranteed Tips because the matches that they want to bet was not posted on our website. After
we determined that the requested Tips has a very good chance of winning, we will agree to put the
Requested Tips under guarantee with full refund + $100 cash bonus.

FAQ 6: What is a Replaced Tips?

If we are unsure of the Guaranteed Tips posted on our website on match day due to
bookmakers odds manipulation, we will replaced the posted Tips with another Tips. The Replaced Tips
deliver to Guaranteed Tips member will be backed with full refund + $100 cash bonus if fail.

FAQ 7: What is the difference between Guaranteed Tips and Weekly or Monthly membership?

There is no difference between them in terms of quality. As a Weekly or Monthly members,
you will receive Tips posted on our website in random at

FAQ 8: What payment type do you accept?

We accept all credit/debit card payment type process safely and securely by Moneybookers
and Paypal.

For Amex, JCB and Diners, you may use the "Pay" button next to the Moneybookers logo.
If you have yet signed up as a Moneybookers member, simply fill up the details at the payment page
and click Confirm and Pay and follow the instructions and your payment will be processed safely and
instantly. Moneybookers also accept bank transfer payment type from most part of the world.

If you live in South East Asia and Hong Kong, you may use Internet banking or ATM to make payment to
our account in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Please write us an email if you wish to use this
payment type.

FAQ 9: What odds type is your Tips/Picks base on?

Our Tips are base on Asian handicap and Total Goal Over and Under.
For Asian handicap below 3/4, you can easily convert to European Fixed Odds 1X2. However, we advise
you to sign up with a licensed bookmakers that offer better Asian handicap odds including live betting.
Please visit to find out which bookmakers offer better Asian handicap odds
and Total Goal Over and Under Odds for
Betting Football.

FAQ 10 : Do I receive Tips that's posted on your website?

Tips posted on our website are for $250 Tips Guaranteed with full refund + $100 cash bonus if
failed. Weekly or Monthly membership will receive tips posted from time to time in random.

FAQ 11: What is Bookmakers Code?

Bookmakers Code is a powerful odds reading technique invented by Roger SK Lee.

Bookmakers are setting traps for most of the matches. They will set up odds for you to bet on favorites if
they know the favorites will not win and on the contrary, they will put up attractive odds for the
underdogs if they know the favorites will win or win by a big margin so that majority of the money will bet
on the underdog.

We Have discovered the sure way to spot the bookies trap by proper handicap the two teams against
the opening odds and odds movements on match day. The idea is written in an e book in PDF format.