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Football Betting Consultation Services is Punters oriented. Unlike traditional Football Tips provider who only
provide predetermined tips or tips that are provided solely on tipsters discretion, www.Bookmakers-Code.net
also provide betting consultation services base on the punter's need. That is, you as a punter has the
freedom to choose which game you wish to bet on.

You name the match and the team on any given day, we use Bookmakers Code as the powerful tool to help
you decide either you bet on the team you selected or on the contrary, we will advice you  to bet the

There are situations where we will advice you to avoid your bet because your bookies has set a fair odds
(only 50% chance of winning). We will ensure you to wager only when you have the edge, that is more than
90% chance of winning your bet.

The fact is more than 90% of football bettor has lost a big fortune in a long run, We believe you are one of
them. Our goal is to help you to recover your losses one step at a time and rebuild your confidence in
football betting. We are highly confident that you will enjoy the benefit of our service and wish to own
Bookmakers Code in the very near future.

Do Yourself a favor by wagering USD $15.00 less for your next 2 bets and seek Football Betting
Consultation from us. You will be grateful to yourself because you are giving yourself an opportunity to
totally change your perception towards Football Betting. We are sure that you will start to understand the
urgency to learn how to win and the need to have a Powerful tool to help youself turn around the odds that's
against you if you wish to win consistently.
Act now and delay no more by wagering USD $15.00 less for your next two bets and
consult us. Please give yourself a chance to start winning consistently from today...
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Cost and Benefits

Consultation fees base on Asian Handicap for two (2) matches of your choice is USD

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Are you having doubts on your Soccer Bets... ?

Are you still Not Convinced that you need to Arm Yourself with a
Specialized Skill To Win...?

Are you Persisted On your Own Analysis to try to win your next bet?

  • You decide two (2) matches that you wish to bet for any particular league. You may also select
    one match at a time and use the remaining choice for later.

  • We will create a report base on your selections for you. The report will give you advice whether
    the teams of your choice will win your bet. The report will also give you the reason  WHY you have
    made the right choice. Click Here To View Sample Of A Report

  • In the event that you've made the wrong choice, the report will advice you to bet on the opposite.
    The reason to advice you to bet on the opposite will be provided in the report as well.

  • In the event that the report says NO BET, the number of no bet decision will be brought forward to
    the next match/matches of your choice. For example, if the report say no bet for the 2 matches
    you've selected for now, your consultation service will be brought forward to the next 2 matches of
    your choice you wish to consult. Brought forward consultation is valid for 30 days, that is, you may
    email consult@bookmakers-code.net anytime during the 30 days period to consult the brought
    forward consultation service.
I know what it is like when come to any form of gambling including soccer betting. Gambling in any form is
the only time you can be on your own to make the decision, it's the only time you can call the shot all by
yourself to choose whichever team you wish to bet.

Soccer betting is nothing more than adult play. I can boldly tell you, If money is not your problem for now,
winning is secondary. You  hope to win money, but what you really enjoy is the action. In soccer betting,
you are a player. Soccer betting is not a competitive sport. It's not your turn, it's your play. The play of
soccer betting fulfill your two basic needs: the need to feel alive and the need to feel worthwhile. There is
no feeling like the one when you win your bet at the full time whistle.

When you win, you feel worthwhile. You react with pride, courage, and a strong sense of self-esteem. You
will feel happy, thrilled, excited, powerful, brave and like a hero. You feel full of energy, in control of the
situation, and confident of winning.

But How often can you win? Do not be overwhelm by winning one single bet and forget about your previous
losses and the risk you involve in your future bets.
Why not seek a second opinion...?
What is Soccer Betting Consultation Services?
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