Dear Punter Extraordinaire,

Let me share with you the story of my life.

I was born in a decent wealthy family. Because I'm the only son and With all the financial support I had, I earned my degree
in computer science-That's how I can manage to build this website all by myself.

My late father was a conservative man and had a very high expectation on me.
"My son, Use the business I gave you as a platform to explore your full potential and opportunities." Thats was the last word
my father gave me before he passed away.

I was soon having many celebrities friends and one of  them is an elected peoples representative who held a very powerful
post that provided me opportunities to earn 7 million dollars in just 2 years.

I was only 37 years old. Money came so easily and I developed into a habit of spending generously. My nightmare begun
when the powerful politician that I known retired after two years...

Because I had earned money so easily and that caused me to develope the habit of spending unwisely. The worst thing
that had happened to me was I started to develope the habit of reckless gambling including casinos trips and sports betting.

The money that I earned evaporated very fast due to reckless gambling and unwise spending. Soon, the banks started to
chase after me for my credit cards owing and started to recall my overdraft facilities.

I turned to the underground money lender who charged very high interest and they gave me a large amount of loan
because I managed to keep up my appearances.

The worst nightmare has begun... Not only I continued to gamble recklessly, I even spent all the money I reserved for my
children's education. I was so ashamed of myself and nearly gave up on my own life.

The only good thing I did while I was still rich was I bought another decent house under my wife's name and gave her money
to start her own business... Because of my reckless gambling and spending, my wife filed a divorce against me and since
then she was the one who financially supported our children.

I couldn't repay the underground money lender and my wife was so kind to borrow me $5000. With that money, I escaped to
another country and accidentally bumped into a very close friend  of mine during school days who are now an operation
director of a well established bookmaker
(He married the boss daughter).

"Bookmakers Odds are set by human. Go figure out for yourselves." My friend told me. I saw the light at the end of
the tunnel all of a sudden. The very first thing that pop up from my mind was if the odds are set by human, it can be
cracked. We had a few drinks after dinner and occasionally my good friend slipped out some info on how the bookmakers
set the odds to offer to the market. I remembered every single words he told me by hard!

My luck has changed since...

I digested every single word that came out from the bookmaker operation director. Except the time to put food in my
stomach and go to sleep well past bed time, I study every single football odds offered by the bookmakers. Taking notes and
study every little detail of game statistics, team forms and etc...

I got more and more excited after a week of studying on the subject. I discovered a phenomenon, a pattern that there are
many matches that fit into a pattern that will have an outcome related to the
first available odds set by the bookmakers.

It took more than a month to convince and prove to myself the phenomenon and pattern that I discovered is no
coincidence. I named it

How stupid I was to blindly gamble away my entire fortune...

I talked to myself at night and recalled what had ruined my life over the past years. All the casino trips and reckless
gambling that caused me to run away from home. The feeling of lonely, the feeling of not able to see my children, the
feeling of used to being so rich and now ended up like a run away convict... What have I done to deserve all these?

The $5000 my wife borrowed me still left a good portion because I was forced to budget every single penny just to put food
on the table.

"Do I want to live the way I am today for the rest of my life? Do I want to be an underground worker in a foreign country...?" I
asked myself.

I want to get even... I want my life back!

With all the cash that I had left, I set aside $1000 as my bankroll to place bet on matches that can win me money using
Bookmakers Code. I started betting on $50, $100, $200, $1000 as my bankroll increased. There was once I spotted 8
matches for one day that I can bet on using Bookmakers Code. I decided to buy 8 sets of parlay that consisted a
combination of 7 matches out of the 8 matches I spotted.

I won 8 out of 8 on that day plus the 8 sets of parlays ($200 for each set) that gave me a jackpot of nearly $150,000. That
was excited enough BUT I became more and more careful on my future bets because of my reckless gambling experiences

I have developed a habit of responsible gambling. I only bet on matches that I feel I have at least 90% chance on winning
Bookmakers Code.

I am now a Free Man...

With my increasing bankroll, I started to invest money on Parlay bets once in a while and I managed to hit a few sets of
Parlay that rewarded me well over $300,000 each with $2000 investment.

I am now back to my own country. Paid all my debts, finance my children's education, bought myself a new house, have
many friends and started a down to earth business.

Do I still bet on football...?

I am nearly 50 years old... I've been through all the luxurious and bad life before. I took my chances and you couldn't
possibly imagine the guilty and shameful feeling I had when I faced my children and family members, how bad it was when I
was hiding away from the underground money lender.

Now that I have my life back, I  wager on matches that I have more than 90% chance of winning by using Bookmakers Code.
Bookmakers Code as a powerful betting tool, I am so confident as if I am the bookmakers with all the odds to my
Story of my reckless gambling experience
Once I started using Bookmakers Code, I become a free man, I am free from debt, I am free from financial burden, I am free from
reckless gambling. I don't do sports betting to live, I live to have fun with sports betting for the thrill of winning, for the thrill of above
the bookmakers by knowing how they manipulate the odds.

Most important of all, I have total financial freedom by having an abundance of both time and money to do what I want, when I want
and how I want to do things in life including publishing this website and Bookmakers Code.

I can't describe the relief I feel when I am back in my family's good book. Can you imagine your's with your wife or girlfriend?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for all the testimonials I received from the peoples who benefited from Bookmakers
Code. And please accept my apology for not putting the testimonials up because I want the readers who visit my page to hear what I
have to say as an author.

To our success and warmest regards,

Roger SK Lee

P. S. If you have any question or need any information about Bookmakers Code, please email me at
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