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Discover The Soccer Betting Secret Your Bookies Don't Want You
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Learn how to crack the odds set by bookmakers and win daily.
It is a real fact...    Bookmakers do lower the Asian Handicap for the favorites in order to make you bet on huge favorites
knowing the match would end up draw or upset. They also do increase the Asian handicap for the favorites to encourage you
to bet on the heavy underdogs knowing the favorites will win by a big margin...
Online Soccer Punters, Season Punters, Pro Punters...

If you have been loosing..., if you are not winning as much money as you possibly can, I guarantee it's because you are
betting with a "Punter" mentality. You need to  Change your mindset by betting with a "Bookmakers"  mentality to start
winning today!
Why over 95% of people fail...?
  • The truth is you must be able to win every 6 out of 10 just to break even. Most punters likes to wager on favorites,
    favorites most of the time has unfair odds and usually pay less.

  • Because they decide their picks relying on team news, match preview, head to head statistics, team forms, players 's
    morale, home field advantage, injuries list, probable line up and  factors that could affect the match outcome and
    etc... The bookmakers are smarter than you on this and they are way ahead of you to know every single
    detail before they offer the odds.

  • They never realize the fact that they need to learn the Skill to understand the odds in order to identify any
    irregularity on the odds set by the bookmakers before they wager.
What is Bookmakers Code? How it works...? It's all about Finding the Real Handicap
between two teams and Odds Reading...
Why Arsenal is giving 1/4 handicap when they host Chelsea at the Emirates stadium? Why Manchester United is giving 3/4
handicap when they host Arsenal at Old Trafford? It is because some authoritative figures in the bookmakers organization
said so, unlike the games we play in casino whereby the odds of winning can be calculated using formulas.

The odds are set by bookmaker's expert handicappers and they are humans, therefore the odds can be cracked and
Bookmakers Code Will Teach You HOW TO pick the winning teams by deciphering the hidden information from
the odds set by humans. Simply put, You will learn the great techniques about
Odds Reading!

Once you've learned the Bookmakers Code odd reading technique, you will be able to know whether the bookies
intentionally make a favorite a huge favorite or an underdog a heavy underdog, or the bookies are setting a fair odds for
any fixture.

By using Bookmakers Code odds reading techniques, you will be guided to find out where the big money is actually going to
rather than mislead by the odds shown from the bookie's websites.

Bookmakers Code will help you
spot any irregularity odds movements according to market reaction so that you can
decide to put your money on the favorites or underdog.

Bookmakers Code can be applied to any league throughout the world... i.e from Asia to Europe, to Africa, to America.
Soccer betting is not just about statistics and team news. The important part of the betting puzzle is to know
where the big money is going for a match.

There are so many betting system and free tips provider out there...
What are they and do they work? Why you should never use Free Tips?
Out of curiosity, I bought a dozens of soccer betting guide and software to find out what they are offering. What do these
softwares do? They created a huge load of match statistics which you can find in many soccer statistics websites but they
never give you a clue for the right picks.

Most of the Free Tips website are offering tips without any basis. They are working with the bookmakers offering the best
odds for you to pick. Guess what? These Tipsters actually runs an affiliate program with Bookmakers and the intention is to
get you to sign up under their introduction so they can earn commission up to 50% income from your total losing. Look at
their banners for solid proof!

At the meantime, they are offering link partnership program to draw website traffic in order to earn money thru google
advertising campaign.

BUT none of them actually gives you an idea on HOW THEY pick the winning team... They simply provide you free tips and
earn from the money you lost to bookies. To find out, simply visit the affiliate program next time you log on to your bookies
account and see the impressive offer your bookies has given to the free tipster.
Note: Forum is a good place to meet punters and you can use it to see where the majority punters put money on. Never follow
the forum hired tipsters/analysts because they are amateur like you.  Football tips that they provide most of the times are
favorites where most people like to bet on. You won't feel so bad if you lost money following their tips because there are so
many out there lost on the same tips as well... Who are the forum sponsors? Look at the banners ads.
Human are born gambler, We see this phenomenon all around us everyday - in a relationship, businesses, stock and
shares trading, politics and many other events we can imagine in life.

When come to soccer betting, many people can easily become a reckless gambler without noticed because of the thrill he
derives from the expectation of winning.

Even if you are a compulsive gambler, you don't believe Reckless Betting is in your best interest. It is because human beings
are born skillful at twisting the actual truth to their own version of the truth.

Before we go any further, I want to ask you a small favor to believe in me that it's never my intention to promote gambling by
teaching you odds reading using
Bookmakers Code. The reason you are here because you have been losing and you
want revenge from your bookies and I am going to help you achieve that
by guiding you to start winning!
Still Not Convinced?
Let me remind you that you must be able to win every 6 out of 10 just to break even!

Why bookies
can afford repeated promotions and some even offer up to £200 in free bets to their customers?

It's because all
odds are against you, either you quit for good or you must have a way to have the edge over your

Bookmakers Code is the BEST, FASTEST and LEAST RISKY tool to reverse the odds against you. By using Bookmakers
Code, you will be able to know whether to support Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona or the UNDERDOGS!
Why I published Bookmakers Code?...
I have my second chance in life!

I believe there are a big numbers of good people like you out there whose life are ruined or in the verge of ruined due to
reckless gambling. Many social problems arise including family abuses and etc..  Are a result of bad gambling habit.

If any of your loves one or friends you suspect are having gambling problem, please tell them
my story. Every good people
deserves a second chance in life.

One of my friend who used to have a good life and family nearly lost his entire fortune overnight because of stock and
shares trading. I told him "You are not in the league for stock and shares!"

I offered my help by making him to believe that he can have a second chance in life by giving up stock and shares trading
and start using Bookmakers Code. He followed my advice using limited funds he had available and started his online soccer
betting. He is now an owner of a 64 rooms resorts hotel in less than 2 years.

"Don't thank me! You made a come back because you'd chosen to believe in how powerful Bookmakers Code is." That's
what I told him every time he expresses his gratitude towards me. I am very happy though because I am able to help a friend
by sharing what I've discovered to him. My friend's incident had motivated me to publish Bookmakers Code.
The 83 pages Bookmakers Code manual is like a one-month boot camp worked out session,
Concentrated into a single day.

I give you about 5 minutes to warm up, then it's straight action until the end. I don't waste your time with "you can do this" or
"you can try that".

I don't waste your time asking you to do research on searching the web for what's happening in the locker room or any rift
amongst the players and manager and etc...

This isn't fuzzy wuzzy Possibility Thinking 101. This is what works. This is what yields winning cash for me every single day.

I will give you an entire new meaning to Soccer Betting - PLACE YOUR BET, COLLECT YOUR WINNING AT FULL TIME!

Bookmakers Code is a PDF format ebook, It's readable on all computers. There is absolutely no software of any
kind to be installed.
Bookmakers Code will cost you $99.99
Why am I charging a fees for Bookmakers Code? You pay money to learn how to drive, how to cook an exotic
cuisine for your love ones,  you pay fees to attend classes to learn something useful...etc, if you bet soccer
regularly, you need to pay to learn Bookmakers Code to win.
I want you to carefully consider the far greater cost you
will be losing to your bookies. $1000, $5000,... $10,000?

  • What about the money you've lost since the first day you started soccer betting? Are you getting any better?

  • Do you feel like quiting but not willing to because of  a big portion of your hard earned money had gone to your
    bookies bank account?

  • Are you still hoping for a miracle that some day your luck will turn around and start winning? Let me tell you right now
    that it's not gonna happen because you lost money on soccer betting not due to luck factor but rather fool by the
    bookies odds because the odds are set by them.

  • Do you want to learn how to pick the right team at the right time and start winning back your money from your bookies?

  • Do you want to have that extra cash in your pocket everyday to do the things you always wanted to do?

I am 100% believe that you are not happy with your soccer account standing  after you have read this far,
Don't hesitate!
Of course your purchase comes
with a full money back guarantee.
See my Guaranteed Picks with Full Refund + $100 Bonus in cash to find out my confidence.

So I 'm 100% sure it will work for you too. And I want to give you the same opportunity to experience the pleasure of steady win
on a regular basis.

Get a copy of Bookmakers Code. Read it. Put my techniques to work!

If you don't think it's going to work for you, return it within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund.

I am a fair person who simply wants you to be as amazed with this technique as I am. If you're not, then it's your full right to
request and receive a refund.

That 's my promise to you.
Are you ready to own the wisdom to
win your soccer bets every day?
Bookmakers Code is a PDF document, so you'll be able to download and read it instantly the same day your order.

You can begin putting the ideas to work immediately. It's a very straightforward process. And it's explained in a
step-by-step fashion.

Shift your "Punters" mentality to "bookmaker" mentality on your picks and start winning your soccer bets everyday.

We need to learn the skill to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer and many other professions in life. We need to learn the skill to
ride a bicycle, to drive a car. If profit is your motive in football betting, you must
learn the skill to win consistently.

Armed yourself with the skill to win your bets, you will still feel alive and getting excited watching the games as you wager,
every free kick and corner kick will still speed up your heart rate, quicken your breathing. The excitement of the game will still
make you live and die many times in 90 minutes.

The only difference from now on is you will minimize and do away with your anxiety, disappointment, frustration, sorrow and
regret loosing your bet after 90 minutes watching the game because
Bookmakers Code will surely reverse the odds
against you and make you a winner.

Bookmakers Code in ebook format Price USD $99.99
Download link of Bookmakers Code will be sent to your email address instantly.
Delivery time for using Moneybookers to order: 8pm to 9am GMT +8
Own Bookmakers Code at No Risk!

In 30 days, if you find Bookmakers Code unsatisfied, I shall give you the
full refund.
We also accept Western Union Transfer. Please email us at for details.
Bookmakers Code
Now everyone can win...
See our Guaranteed Tips with Full
Refund + $100 Cash Bonus
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How you can benefit from, and more importantly, COPY my success!
Maybe a second chance in life for some...
Once I started using Bookmakers Code, I become a free man, I am free from debt, I am free from financial burden, I am free from
reckless gambling. I don't do sports betting to live, I live to have fun with sports betting for the thrill of winning, for the thrill of
above the bookmakers by knowing how they manipulate the odds.

Most important of all, I have total financial freedom by having an abundance of both time and money to do what I want, when I
want and how I want to do things in life including publishing this website and Bookmakers Code.

Can you imagine your feeling of relief when you are back with your wife or girlfriend's good book?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for all the testimonials I received from the peoples who benefited from Bookmakers
Code. And please accept my apology for not putting the testimonials up because I want the readers who visit my page to hear
what I have to say as an author.

To our success and warmest regards,

Roger SK Lee

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