The terms of business are an agreement between "you", the customer, and "we" -

You must be age 18 years and above to use our service.

Based on information provided to during the registration and payment
process, we have determined that you are to be billed in advanced by us for the services offered by, you must accept the terms of business as presented, or the agreement
shall terminate. Payment shall be made by any payment processor as available on We are not responsible for any payments made not directly linked to a
subscription or purchase.

Football consultation service are open for punters who wish to seek a second opinion on their own
selection. The service are available for all league and cup competition within the same league other
than the matches published at for the purpose of $250 Guaranteed Tips.
This is to avoid abuse on the use of the service and defeat the purpose of consultation services
made available by

We provide our customers with alerts about new information through email messages. The messages
are provided with no guarantee of delivery, though, there are third parties included in the process.
Customers understands that it is not technically possible to ensure the delivery of our picks. New
information notifications are provided free of charge by us voluntarily and the notification service can
be stopped any time.

Except for the refund and bonus cash, if any, provided by our products. Any information made by is for your information only and anyone decided to use our opinion does
so at their own risk. Such information include, but not limited to any Free Trial membership offer by from time to time. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss of
the customer whatsoever, either directly or indirectly. This include losses based fully or partly on the
advice and products of

The One week members as well as One Month members will receive a minimum of 7 - 10 soccer tips
delivered by mobile sms as well as email 1 to 2 hours before match kick off. All members will receive
part of but not all the tips posted on our website to avoid abuse in the use of our service. Members
will receive the tips posted on our website at random.

If you choose to subscribe to our One weeks or One month membership, you are advised that the
service we provided in is not a getting rich scheme and you are advice to
practice your soccer betting endeavour with proper money management. Only wager on the amount
you can afford to lose. At the mean time, will delivered high quality tips to
you to ensure you have a profitable soccer betting experience with us on an ongoing basis.

Football Consultation Service is offered to visitors/members who wish to seek advice on any two
match selections of his/her own choice. The selected two matches is limited to any league and cup
competition within the same league where Asian Handicap odds are offered by license bookmakers.
The match selections cannot be any match found posted on for the $250
Guaranteed Tips.

We are not responsible for any losses customers incur as a result of using this information for
gambling or wagering. The customer is responsible for complying with his local laws.

Betting or gambling may carry a high level of risks to your capital. Only speculate with money you can
afford to lose.

Betting or gambling may not suitable for everyone; ensure you fully understand the risks involved and
seek independent advice if necessary. may cancel subscription and products purchased at any given time,
without prior notice or reason for the cancellation. Cancellation can be caused by, but not limited to,
failure to comply with our terms of business, third party sanctions, and/or changes in the industries. In
the event of cancellation on the part of, the customer will get a refund of
the remaining amounts minus any expenses. We cannot be held responsible for any losses, directly,
or indirectly linked to the cancellation. The payment set forward for every subscription or products
does not including any sales, use, excise, value-added or any other and/or similar taxes, which taxes
are the responsibility of the customer. In case customer reside in the European Union, he can be
charged for value added tax or other eventual taxes. In that case, customer is informed in advance
that his tax is required. will deliver Tips to its purchaser of the $250 Guaranteed Tips, monthly
and 1 week members based on the opinion of the publisher that deemed to have very good chance of
winning. The prediction results may vary from time to time as there are no absolute 100% guarantee
for the outcome of any soccer match beyond the control of the publisher. Refund of Tips only apply to
$250 Guaranteed Tips purchased on a match to match basis.

Payment method using Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union Transfer or direct bank
transfer to buy
$250 Guaranteed Tips with full refund + $100 cash bonus in Bulk or in Tips

(i) All advanced payment for credit must be use/dutilized in order to qualify for the $100 Bonus. Also
any credit not utilized must be used in order to ask for a refund.
All $100 cash bonus converted
into credit/credits
must be used/utilized in order to qualify for a refund.  

For security reason, all utilized/used credit can be refunded using the same payment method or
refund through Paypal or Moneybookers. For payment method using bank transfer or Western Union
transfer, refund will be deposited back to the buyers bank account using direct bank transfer or
Western Union to the registered buyer. We will notify the refund being made via email to the
registered buyer. Refund of  payment to the third party is not allowed.

(ii) All $100 cash bonus converted to credit/credits must be used to buy match selection/selections in
order to ask for a refund. Used/utilized credit/s can only be refunded to the registered buyers via the
same payment method used to purchased Guaranteed Tips.

Definition of Utilized/Used Credits:

All available credits including credits converted from $100 cash bonus must be used one full cycle.
For eg. 10 credits available must be used to purchase 10 Guaranteed Tips, any cash bonus
converted into another credit, then the counting cycle will start from the beginning again.

It is the buyer's responsibility to inform us not to convert cash bonus into credit/s after the end of each
match day so that we will place the $100 cash bonus into a separate account to be sent to buyer
upon request.

Complimentary Tips:

We may from time to time gives complimentary tips to Guaranteed Tips who purchase tips in package.

Once complimentary tips is given to members, the complimentary tips cannot be converted to cash in
order to request for a refund. In addition, once complimentary tips is given to any members, not part
or remaining refund can be requested and members will have to utilise the remaining credits for the
order of guaranteed tips.

You must be age 18 or above to use our service.

These terms and conditions are subject to change. The changes take effect once updated at the website.

The customers must at all times comply with existing laws, rules and regulations insofar as relevant,
directly or indirectly, to the use of any service and in the relationship with

This terms of service shall apply to all payment type in addition to the payment type made available at

Right to terminate membership: reserves the right to terminate One Week or One Month membership if
members were found to share Tips on the forum. In addition, members who make unreasonable
request or making defamatory or slanderous statement to us.

Governing Law:

These terms of conditions are therefore governed by Singapore Law and all parties agree to submit
to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.


Due to more time require to observe odds movement before matches kick off, the analytics report will
not be sent to members.

Terms of Service/Terms and Conditions and Return Policy
Return Policy:

Refund is only available for $250 Soccer Tips Guaranteed with Refund if the Tips delivered failed
and the purchase of
option #1: Bookmakers Code in PDF format only.

For $250 Guaranteed Tips with full refund + $100 cash bonus:

It is the member's responsibility to tell us which Guaranteed Tips he/she wish to receive once
payment made. If we do not receive any instruction, we will deliver tips posted on our website with
respect to the number of tips order by member.

Once Tips delivered, there will be no replacement for tips. It is the member's responsibility to ensure
his/her mobile phone is switch on to receive our tips. In addition, tips will be sent by email, therefore,
it's the member's responsibility to check his/her email to receive our tips before kick off.

Due to the fact that the service we provide is the selling of information which cannot be returned,
refund is not applicable for the Football Consultation Services, $99.99 One Week membership,
$289.99 One Month Membership and subsequent renewal of membership once a payment has been
made. Upon subscription to One week or One Month Membership, Tips will be delivered to  members
until the membership expired.

For Bookmakers Code in PDF:

Fake purchased and request for refund of Bookmakers Code in PDF within 24 hours will not be
eligible for refund. This will be deem to request for free download by making payment and request
for refund on the same day.

If you request for a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase, you must return the product in
the form of providing proof that the Bookmakers Code in PDF you have downloaded is completely
deleted from you PC. You may request for a written proof from any community leader, lawyer, court
clerk, doctor, church minister or Catholic Bishops in your community for such proof (Please provide
telephone contact of the person who provide such proof). The deleting process must be done in
front of the person who provide the written proof.

Printable copy of Bookmakers Code in PDF:

A printable copy of Bookmakers Code in PDF is available upon request. However, No refund will be
issued once a printable copy is sent to you.

Weekly or monthly membership:

Members may voluntary request to terminate his/her membership by writing an email to us. Voluntary
termination of membership will not entitle for any refund.

Ad hoc Tips packages shall follow the terms agreed before payments made. Once payment is made,
terms described in any form of communication such as email or mobile phone sms is deemed agreed
by the buyer.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights remain with us (or other Copyright owner) even after you
buy a personalised work. Purchase of any work from does not grant you any
right other than that of ownership of the product. STRICTLY NO REPRODUCTION ALLOWED.
Right To Change Terms and Conditions: reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and
those that are available on the Site at the time you are using it, will be those that apply. We
therefore recommend that you check from time to time for any changes/updates as notice is deemed
given when published on the Internet
Pay After You Win Option:

There will be no refund issue for Pay After You Win Option. All credits purchased will need to be
utilized or use and we will replace 2 Tips for each failed Guaranteed Tips.

Upon member's request, payment in bulk for
Pay After You Win Option can be converted into $250
Guaranteed Tips + $100 Cash Bonus option. Once converted, the balance of credits will need to
utilize or complete one full round before refund will be issued.